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The HTML editor in Moodle ISU appears on any page where text can be entered. You can use the editor to manipulate text, insert images, create links, etc.
Backup course content, or add information from an old course into a new course.
Frequently Asked Questions from Faculty about Moodle.
Reference Links for ISU Software
Faculty members can do overrides for courses they teach.
Instructions on how to get to a complete class list for the classes that you teach.
Moodle ISU is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by Idaho State University. It can be used to facilitate delivery of online courses and house online materials for hybrid courses.
How to add syllabus and office hours information to class list.
The Faculty Section Assignments channel in BengalWeb offers valuable tools for faculty.
The Faculty Detailed Schedule contains information about classes assigned to faculty, as well as links to additional information.
Instructions on how to control some of the things that appear in the Faculty Section Assignments channel in BengalWeb.
Information for faculty members about the waitlist function and how to view the waitlist for their class.
Where to find and how to operate the Faculty Schedule tool in BengalWeb.
Information on how faculty can access information on the students they advise.
Instructions for accessing student pictures in BengalWeb