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Issue / Question
  • How do I provide registration overrides as a faculty member?
  • Can I let a student who doesn't meet additional requirements into my course?
  • MyISU
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  • Faculty
If departmental and college policies permit, individual faculty members may use MyISU to grant overrides for prerequisites, corequisites, and other registration restrictions for the classes they teach. A message will be displayed on the student's screen when they attempt to register for a course and are blocked because of such a restriction. They may be advised to contact the course instructor to seek an override.  If the instructor gives the student an override, it removes the restriction so the student can try to register for the class. Giving an override does NOT register the student for the class.  
Granting an Override
  1. Log in to MyISU.
  2. Click on the Main Menu link, then select Academics from the drop down list.
  3. Find the Faculty Tools card, then click on Registration Overrides.
  4. Select the Term you want from the drop-down.  
  5. Enter the Student or Advisee ID OR their Last Name and First name.  Click Submit.
    • Note: Add leading zeros to the ID to make a TOTAL OF 9 DIGITS.  (For example, if the student ID is 123456, you would enter 000123456.)
  6. Click on the name of the student for whom you wish to do the override.   
  7. On the Registration Overrides screen, Click the  down arrow under Override to select the type(s) of override you want to do.  
    • Approved Accelerated Graduate Override: For graduate programs only, remove the Level restriction so a student can enroll in a Graduate Student course.
    • Cohort Override: Allows a student to register for a course even if they are not part of the cohort for that course. 
    • Corequisite Override: Allows students to register for a course when they are not simultaneously enrolled in the designated corequisite course outlined in the catalog.
    • Prerequisite Override: Allows students to register for a course when their ISU academic record indicates that they have not met the prerequisite outlined in the catalog.
    • Registration Restriction: A student can register for a course when the course is restricted to those enrolled in a particular curriculum, i.e., program/major, and their ISU academic record indicates that they are not enrolled in that curriculum.
    • Instructor Approval: Allows a student to register for a course requiring instructor enrollment consent.
    • Override Everything but Level: Allows a student to register for a course if they are not permitted to register because of any except Level restrictions (provides the five non-level overrides at once, but does NOT include the Approved Accelerated Graduate Override).
  8. Select the course you want to grant the override for
    • To grant the student additional overrides, click the Add Override plus sign (or just select Override Everything but Level to grant all overrides at once).
    • You may only do three overrides at a time per student.  To switch to another student, return to step 5.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. The override is added in the Current Student Overrides section of the screen.   
    • Note: The student is NOT enrolled in the class; they have only been granted permission to enroll.
  11. Notify the student that you have granted their override(s) and that they should now go into MyISU and try to register for your course.
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