Installing JMP for Mac

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How to install the statistics program JMP for MacOS.
  • How do I install JMP on Mac? 
  • Can I install JMP on my Mac computer?
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    • JMP 17
    • Mac
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NOTE: If you have JMP already installed on your machine, you will need to uninstall it before installing the new version!
How to install JMP 17 for MacOS
  1. Go to the JMP 17 folder in BOX (no account needed)
  2. Right Click JMP 17.2 -
  3. Click Download to download all files to the computer
  4. Wait for it to download
    • Note: This can take a while.
  5. Click the zipped file
  6. Click JMP 17.2 - Mac
  7. Click JMP
  8. Click JMP_Pro
  9. Click 17_2
  10. Click Macintosh
  11. Double-click jmp_1720_mac.dmg
  12. Double-click JMP Pro 17. pkg
  13. Click Continue on the pop-up box
  14. Click Continue 
  15. Click Install 
  16. Type Password if necessary
  17. Select OK on '"Installer" would like to access files in your downloads folder' prompt.
  18. Click Close 
  19. Run JMP to ensure it works correctly
Note: The first time you run JMP, a pop-up may appear that asks to register the software. This is not needed, so select  “wait to register. This pop-up should then no longer appear.
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