Zoom Activity (4): Moodle ISU Errors

Error 1: Target Link URL is invalid

This error occurs when the user has incorrectly set up the Zoom Activity in Moodle. 

To fix this error remove the Zoom activity from your Moodle page and follow the steps outlined in Zoom Activity (2): Set up.

Error 2: Warning User does not exist

Note that this error ONLY applies to  Teachers, TAs, Designers, and Admins. It does NOT apply to students.

If you click on Zoom activity in Moodle on the course page and see a Warning message, this is for one of two reasons:

  1. You have not yet activated your ISU Zoom account. Anyone with a Teacher, TA, Designer, or Admin role in the Moodle ISU course must first activate their Zoom account to use Zoom through Moodle ISU; Review the Web Conferencing Using Zoom.

  2. Your Zoom account is using one email alias (johndoe@isu.edu) and your Moodle account is using another email alias (doejoh3@isu.edu). Update your email on the zoom account to match the email in Moodle ISU. Review How do I change the email on my Zoom Account

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