Zoom Activity (2): Set up

Creating a Zoom meeting in Moodle ISU [Faculty]

Zoom is a web conferencing tool. It can be used as a virtual classroom with whiteboard, chat, audio, video, application sharing, polling, and other tools to engage students in a live synchronous online environment.

[Warning: Faculty will need an ISU Zoom account to use this activity in Moodle ISU]

[Note: In preparation for the upgrade to version 3.9 of Moodle, the Zoom activity will also be updated from the Zoom plugin to the Zoom LTI Pro. If your course still has meetings with the Zoom plugin here are the instructions for the Zoom plugin for Moodle:

 Zoom: Creating a Zoom meeting in Moodle ISU [Faculty] OLD 

All new meetings created in the Fall 2020 Semester will use the new Zoom LTI. Courses with the plugin will still be usable; however, users won't be able to add new meetings with the old method.

Not sure which one is currently in your course? See Visual comparison between the Plugin and LTI

This Guide Will Help You to:

  • Add a Zoom meeting activity to Moodle ISU

  • Schedule a new Zoom meeting

  • Edit a recurring meeting

  • Join a Zoom meeting

  • Host a Zoom meeting

  • Seek further assistance

Add a Zoom meeting activity to Moodle ISU

  1. Turn editing on

  2. Locate the desired week or section

  3. Click Add an activity or resource

  4. Select Zoom, click Add.

  5. Enter a meeting topic

  6. Click save and display

Schedule a new Zoom meeting

  1. Click on the Zoom meeting activity.

  2. Click Schedule a New Meeting button.

  1. Edit any of the desired settings:

For Recurring class times please note*

1.Name your meeting the name of the course as to avoid confusion in the future

2. Select “Recurring Meeting”

3. Under Recurrence select “No Fixed Time”

*This will create one Zoom meeting with one meeting ID  that has the same settings for the entirety of your course 


Start Zoom meeting

  1. From the front page of the course, Click the Zoom meeting link.

  1. On the new page in the Upcoming Meetings tab, locate the specific meeting.

[Note: You should only see meetings scheduled specifically for the course.]

  1. Click the Start button.

  1. If you have never joined a Zoom meeting, you need to download the Zoom launcher.

    1. Start by clicking Download and run Zoom.

  2. If you have already downloaded the launcher, in the popup window click Open URL: Zoom Launcher.

  3. Click Join Audio Conference by Computer when the meeting opens.

Host a Zoom meeting

The following features allow you to host a Zoom meeting.

  1. Participants settings - To change the displayed name, click Participants at the bottom of the screen, find your account, and hover over your name, click Rename.


  1. Security settings - As the meeting host, you will have a Security option in your meeting controls, which exposes all of Zoom’s existing in-meeting security controls in one place. This includes the ability to Lock the meeting, enable Waiting Room, and Remove participants. You can also enable the Waiting Room in a meeting, even if the feature was not turned on before the start of the meeting. For more information, please watch this video

  2. Chat - If you would like to send a message, click the Chat icon. Then to the right of the screen a chat dialogue box will appear. You can send messages through this dialogue box.


[Note: You can send a message to the whole class or to selected individuals. In the To: dropdown menu select Everyone or a desired individual.]


  1. Share Screen - Click on the Share Screen tab and choose a window or application to share. You can choose to share computer audio. Click the blue Share Screen button at the bottom of the window.


  1. Record - Click the Record tab, choose to record the meeting, after the recording has stopped the video file will be downloaded locally to your computer. 


For more information for recording options review: Local recording and Streaming a Meeting on Youtube

  1. End Meeting - If you would like to end the meeting for any reason, at the bottom right click End Meeting.

Note: you can choose:

  • End Meeting for All - this will stop the meeting for both host and participants.

  • Leave Meeting - The meeting will continue, but you will be removed from the meeting (will need to assign someone as the host).

  • Cancel - Let the meeting continue and stay in the meeting.



If yes, then



(Name of the Meeting)


If this meeting is for the whole semester, use the name of the class as the description. 

If this meeting is for a specific event in the class give it a specific name.

Avoid naming all of your meetings Zoom meetings.



Is the meeting for a specific Date?

In the “When” dropdown menu, select a specific date, time, and duration


While the meeting has a specific date and time, you can enter the meeting early or continue with the meeting even after the set duration.



Is the meeting re-used throughout the semester?

In the “Duration” field, check the “recurring” checkbox.


Under “Recurrence”, select No Fixed time.

While you may plan to host the meeting on a specific schedule (MWF at 1:00pm), a recurring meeting is available to start at any time. The “When” and “Duration” fields are disabled when this setting is enabled. 

Time Zone


Make sure you are using the correct timezone. 



Not recommended for regular class meetings for Zoom. Here is more information on Setting up registration for a meeting.



Do you want to add additional security to the meeting?

In the “Security” field, check the “Passcode” checkbox.


Enter the meeting passcode in the text field.

Participants shouldn’t need to know the passcode if they are joining Zoom from Moodle. Zoom will add “pwd123abc” to the zoom meeting url. 


If you paste the Zoom url without the “pwd123abc” component, participants will need to know the passcode. 


Waiting Room

Do you want participants added to the waiting room before they can join the meeting?

In the “Security” field, check the “Waiting Room” checkbox.

You will need to admit the participants into the meeting either one by one or admit all.

Video Host

When you join, do you want your video to be initially on?

In the “Host Video” radio button, select on.

This setting does not lock your ability to use your camera. Even if Host Video is set as On, you and other participants can choose to turn the video off within the meeting.

Video Participant

Do you want participants' video to be on when they join?

In the “Participants Video” radio button, select on.

This setting does not lock participants’ ability to use their camera. Even if Participants Video is set as On, the participants can choose to turn the video off within the meeting.

Audio Options


Leave the “Audio options” as the default.

This allows users to use either their telephone or computer audio as their michprone.

Meeting Options

Join before host

Do you want students to join the meeting before you?

In the “Meeting Option” checkbox, select enable to join before host.

Students will be able to access the meeting without you.

Mute upon entry

Do you want students muted upon entry?

In the “Meeting Option” checkbox, select enable to Mute participants upon entry.


Personal Meeting ID

Do you want to use your PMI?

In the “Meeting Option” checkbox, select enable to Use personal meeting ID.

We recommend not doing this as it will be easier for others to Zoom bomb your class. 

Authenticated users can join

Do you want to restrict participants to only those with a Zoom account?

In the “Meeting Option” checkbox, select enable Only authenticated users can join.

We recommend this if you plan on using pre-assigned breakout rooms. Students can get a free account at zoom.us/signup

Alternative Hosts


Other teachers/unlisted teachers should automatically be assigned as an alternative host if they have a licensed Zoom account. 


Seek Further Assistance

For additional assistance please contact the ITRC at (208) 282-5880 or itrc@isu.edu

For technical support please contact Zoom Help Center to utilize their live chat and tutorials.

Creative Commons License

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