Publishers, Plugins, and LTI with Moodle ISU


Publishers are companies that prepare and issue resources (textbooks, indexes, abstracts, study guides, question banks, etc.) for educational markets. Publishers often offer internal or external methods to integrate their content directly into Moodle ISU. The preferred process when supporting faculty and students with publisher content is through the use of a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) from an external website (supported by the publisher) that links directly into Moodle ISU.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)

LTI is a standard created by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. An LTI links content and resources from a third-party website to Moodle ISU. Its primary purpose is to connect learning systems using external services.

Current Site-wide LTI found in Moodle ISU include: 

  • Curriculum Builder

  • Online Proctoring solutions like Examity, ProctorFree

  • Turnitin

  • Zoom Meeting

Publisher-specific LTI found in Moodle ISU:

  • Aktiv
  • Auralia Practice
  • Auralia Task
  • Cengage
  • Chem101LTI
  • Edfinity
  • Edpuzzle
  • Evolve Teacher Material
  • FlatWorld Homework
  • Goodheart-Willcox
  • GoReact
  • Macmillan Content
  • Macmillan LTI Tools
  • Mcgraw-Hill Connect
  • Mcgraw-Hill
  • Pearson LTI
  • Perusall 2
  • TopHat

If your publisher is not listed, the ITRC can assist with adding LTI resources to your Moodle ISU course. To configure an LTI, the ITRC needs the following information from the publisher:

  • Tool URL

  • Consumer Key

  • Shared Secret

Moodle Plugins

Plugins can add additional features and functionality by installing apps and modifying the internal Moodle ISU application. However, not all plugins follow the same standards.

The ITRC is very cautious about which plugins are installed and additional testing is required before they can be added to Moodle ISU.

A plugin is not a preferred method for connecting services to Moodle ISU, but the ITRC will investigate and review plugins if no other alternatives exist for the educational application. To request a specific plugin, contact Randy Stamm at Be prepared to answer the following questions:

Questions for Faculty

  • What additional features or content does the plugin offer to the student’s learning experience?

  • What features/content of the plugin is the most important to you?

  • How many courses, faculty, and students will this plugin support?

Questions for Publisher

  • What type is the Moodle plugin?

  • How often is the plugin updated and maintained?

  • What version(s) of Moodle is the plugin compatible with?


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