Zoom and YouTube Live Stream

YouTube Live Stream

Watch Overview on YouTube

There are several different methods you can use to record your Zoom meeting. With the YouTube Live Stream you to start a live stream at the beginning of class, the recording will be stored on Youtube and then you can share the link of the YouTube video on Moodle ISU. 

Even if you get disconnected from the meeting; the Live Stream recording will remain intact. The Live stream stops if you, as the Zoom meeting host, manually stop the stream, end the meeting, or leave the meeting along with all other participants.

Set up Youtube Account and Live Stream (Before the Semester Start Date)

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It takes 24 hours for Youtube to activate your account for live streaming. Once activated, you can go live instantly.

If this is your first time using Youtube, Go to Youtube.com and sign in using your ISU Gmail credentials. Once you have authenticated, click on the upload button, and select Go live. A “how to create your channel pop-up window” will appear. Select the “Use your name” option. You can choose to set up your channel or to scroll to the bottom and select Set up later. 

You will be brought to the channel page. Click on the Upload button and select Go Live. Youtube will want to verify your account. Select your country and then choose either “Call me with an automated voice message” or “Text me a verification code option”.

Enter your phone number. Google will send you a verification code depending on the previous method that you choose. Enter the verification code.

After the code is entered, the page will update and you will get a verification message that your account has been verified. 

If you try to live stream immediately after verification, you’ll get the following message, “It takes 24 hours to activate your account for live streaming. Once activated, you can go live instantly.”

Due to the pandemic and various stay at home policies, any time frame mentioned on Official YouTube site should be ignored. Account verification for Live stream will happen but at a slower pace.

Turn on Live Stream in Zoom (Before your meeting)

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Go to your ISU Zoom account at isu.Zoom.us and sign in using the Sign in with Google Option. On your account page, click on Settings. Under In meeting (Advanced) find the option Allow live streaming meetings and turn it on. Enable Youtube and click save

Start & End Live Stream (During your Meeting)

Watch Start & End Live Stream on YouTube

Start the Meeting. Open the More… tab in the Meeting Controls.Click Live on YouTube. 

A browser will open taking you to the sign in page. Use your ISU Gmail credentials to login into Youtube. After you authenticate successfully, the following page displays:

Specify the following settings on the Broadcasting to YouTube Live page:

Verify the Zoom meeting title on Youtube. We recommend that you include the class name and date to help differentiate from other class sessions.

Change the Privacy to unlisted. Only people with the link can view. 

Click the Go Live! Button.

You can close the browser window and return to your Zoom meeting. In the top of the Zoom window you can see the Youtube Live indicator. 

Once the Class session is ended, Click the More… tab and select Stop Live Stream. Click the End Meeting for All button.

Note: Add Blocking browser extensions have been discovered to prevent the YouTube Live Stream from working properly. Work with the classroom computer's sysadmin or the IT Service Desk for personal computer assistance. 

Share Your YouTube Recording (After the meeting)

Watch Share Recording on YouTube

Go to Youtube.com, and Sign in using your ISU Gmail credentials (the same credentials you used during your meeting to sign into YouTube). Click on the Youtube menu in the top left to expand the menu and click Your videos. To find your most recent video click the Sort by and select Date added (Newest). Click on your desired video. On the video page, click the Share button. In the Popup menu click the Copy link button. The link will be copied to your clipboard. 

Go to Moodle ISU and sign in. Go to your desired course. Turn Editing on and click add an activity or resource. Choose the URL resource. Give the resource a name. Paste the copied link into the external URL field. Click Save and return to course.

Video Captioning (After the meeting)

Watch Video Captioning on YouTube

Because the streaming feature is through YouTube, the video should include YouTube’s automated captions. You can manage your own captions by Signing into YouTube.com.

The Instructional Technology Resource Center can also support your video captioning needs.


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