Instructions regarding recording, storing, and streaming Zoom meetings.

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Archive Policy Zoom Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage limitations and process for moving cloud recordings to other platforms.

Zoom and YouTube Live Stream

There are several different methods you can use to record your Zoom meeting. With the YouTube Live Stream you to start a live stream at the beginning of class, the recording will be stored on Youtube and then you can share the link of the YouTube video on Moodle ISU.

Zoom Recording: Manually Convert Your Local File

Your zoom meeting local recording should automatically convert. However, instances like low disk-space, invalid path, or back to back meeting recordings may interfere with the conversion process

Zoom Recording: Upload Local File for Sharing

Videos should be stored on Google Drive or YouTube where you can easily share the link to these resources in an email, chat, or Moodle course. Both of those platforms are better optimized to store and watch videos.

Zoom: Edit Cloud Recordings

Recordings stored on the Zoom Cloud can be modified. Change the name, trim the playback of the recording, or remediate the transcript.

Zoom: Recording

Zoom has two types of recordings, Cloud recording, and Local recording. Cloud recordings are saved to the Zoom Cloud where they can be viewed, shared, and downloaded. Local recordings are saved to your computer. Both options provide standard MP4 video, M4A audio, and chat text files.