Regular Maintenance Windows

Issue / Question
  • When does Windows Maintenance happen?
  • Why are the campus computers undergoing maintenance?
  • Are maintenance interruptions planned?
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    • Linux
    • Windows
  • Audience Affected
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Students
Standard Maintenance Windows
Regular procedures must be performed on Information Technology systems to ensure they are properly maintained. Many of these maintenance procedures require interruption of services for the duration of the procedure. Systems include services such as software applications, servers, voice, video, and data communications, local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), wireless networking (WLAN), Internet, and Internet2. Campus locations include Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and Meridian.
Due to the size, complexity, integration, and convergence of ISU's IT systems, three weekly maintenance windows are required to maintain ISU's IT systems properly. Maintenance may include repairs, installations, upgrades, testing, patches, and other processes and procedures that may cause limited or no access to IT system resources. During the scheduled maintenance window, you may experience anything from slow response, limited access, or no connectivity, or you may experience no interruption whatsoever.
Viewing Known Issues and Scheduled Maintenance
Reporting a Problem or Inquiring about Service Disruptions
Standard Maintenance Windows
Time Period
Type of
Services Possibly Affected
Tuesday 11 PM - Wednesday 6 AM
(Mountain Time)
Servers, operating systems, and server applications such as MyISU, university web pages,
Banner, logging into ISU services, etc.
Wednesday 11 PM - Thursday 6 AM
(Mountain Time)
Networking and Telecommunications
Voice, video, and data communications, LAN/WAN/WLAN, Internet and Internet2, and other
services that require network access, such as MyISU, calendar, or email from on campus,
university web pages, Moodle ISU, Banner, Box access from on campus, or logging into services.
Thursday 11 PM -
 Friday 6 AM
(Mountain Time)
Enterprise Applications
MyISU and Banner Systems
Thursday 11 PM -
Friday 6 AM
(Mountain Time)
Moodle ISU
  • Standard Maintenance is restricted to "Emergency Only" during the following times:
    • Opening days of class level Registration 
    • The week before and 1st week of classes for the fall and spring semester
    • Financial Aid Disbursement/Refund Processing
Note: Maintenance that impacts instruction on systems such as Moodle and the network may also be restricted to "Emergency Only" during Final Exam periods
Exceptions to the Standard Maintenance Windows Times
Non-Standard or Emergency Maintenance 
  • Note: There may be occasions during an emergency or time-critical event where notification may be made after the maintenance procedure has been completed.
Other Information
  • ITS will continue to send the ISU community an e-mail message when a planned maintenance activity may cause a significant outage or occur/extend past the normal maintenance window.
  • Off-campus providers (such as Internet or telecommunications providers) may have different maintenance schedules which are outside the control of IT.
  • Localized outages, with the agreement of local building administrators, may occur outside of the normal maintenance windows.
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