Instructions for Approving Time

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Instructions for approving employee time entry.
  • How do I approve time entry?
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    • MyISU
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    • Faculty
    • Staff
For supervisors to reference when approving their employee's time entry.  
Note: Time Approver terminations or position changes MUST be entered into Banner 2 weeks in advance, or payroll errors can result.
Sign in to MyISU
  1. Go to MyISU
  2. Type your Username
  3. Type your Password
  4. Click SUBMIT
Approving Time Entry
  1. Click Employees
  2. Select Actions & Information (drop-down)
  3. Scroll to the Time Reporting/Approval box
  4. Select Approve Time
  • On the Approvals - Timesheet page, look below the bar graph to see your employees' names under different headings, such as Pending, In Progress, and so forth. If you have more than one T-Org, you will need to select the T-Org you wish to view from the second drop-down list at the top.  If employees have not opened their timesheets, their names won't appear here.
  1. Select Employee
  2. Select Preview (Note: This shows you a summary of the total hours entered under each Earn Code)
  3. Click Details for a calendar view
  4. Click on each day to see the earn codes for the hours entered that day. 
  5. Use the arrow keys (left and right of the calendar) to see the previous or next week, depending upon where you are in the time period.
    • If you wish to make a change in hours entered, click on the Pencil icon at the right.  Note that if you make any changes to an employee’s timesheet, you will need to enter a comment explaining the changes made. 
    • If you check the Confidential Comment box, the employee will not be able to see the comment you enter.
    • Be sure to click Save when you are finished making any changes/adding comments.
  6. After checking the entries, click on Preview to return to the Preview screen.
  7. If you want to Approve the entered time, click Approve. If you wish to return the time to the employee for them to make corrections, click Return for correction.
  • For Classified Staff, you will need to carefully check any overtime entered to see that it was entered correctly. If unsure, check our overtime guidelines, or contact HR/Payroll.
  • Faculty (9, 10, & 11 months) enter sick leave only,
  • Non-classified Staff/12-month faculty don’t enter anything unless they have exceptions,
  • Student employees enter hours worked only.
Note: Click here to convert Minutes to Tenths of hours article, or you can download the PDF (bottom right).
Note: Please remember that university policy states that employees are to be paid for ALL their work time.  


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