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Frequently asked questions about Gmail aliases and the new format for ISU email addresses.
  • What is my email alias?
  • Can I change my email alias?
  • What happens to my old email alias?
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    • Gmail
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    • Students
How do I find out what my new email alias is?
After December 14, 2020, you can log into your ISU Gmail account and see your new email address by composing a new email message.  The email address that appears in the From field is your new email address.  
How do I search my inbox to find emails I received before I got my new email address?
All your emails--both from the new email address and the old email address--will go to the same inbox.  Any emails received before December 14 would have been addressed exclusively to your old email address.  After December 14, your inbox will contain emails to your old and new email addresses.
I could not change my Preferred First Name by December 1st; how do I get that updated so I can get a new email that reflects my preferred name?
First, you must go into MyISU and change your Preferred Name.  Then, you should contact the ITS Service Desk and request a new email alias to match your preferred name using the Email Address Update Request form. This does NOT change your legal name in any other system at ISU; it only gives you a new email alias that will match your preferred first name in MyISU.
How do I go about getting my legal name changed?
If you are faculty or staff, contact the Human Resources office (208-282-2517) to begin the legal name change process.  If you are a student, you should submit the Name Change form to the Registrar's office.  Once your legal name has been changed, you must email the ITS Service Desk at to request that your username be changed to match your new legal name.  This complicated process involves IT staff going through all of ISU's electronic systems to switch your name to your new legal name.  
Can you explain the new email (alias) format?
The new email (alias) address comprises your legal first name (or Preferred First Name in MyISU) + your last name, up to 17 characters.  If someone else has the same name, numeric characters may be added to your email to differentiate it from others.
I don't want to lose my old email address.  How can I keep it?
You have not lost your old email address.  The new and old email addresses will continue functioning and go to the same email account.  However, after December 14, any emails you send will, by default, show that they are coming from the new email address, which ISU will consider your primary email address.
Can I still send emails from my old email address?
Yes.  You can choose which address to send your email from when you compose the email.  After December 14th, you can choose which email address you want your email to come from by clicking From in the compose window.  This will allow you to choose which email address to appear in the From line for the email you are composing.  


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