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The Identity Management System will require you to reset your password every six months. In addition, your password will need to meet certain rules, such as containing special characters. The requirements are outlined in the Account Claim process and listed here.
  • What should a password have?
  • How do I make a secure password?
  • What are the guidelines for passwords?
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Users are encouraged to set a strong password or passphrase to make guessing harder for someone else.  A passphrase is a sentence-like string of words used to gain access to a secure system, similar to a password.  Passphrases are often easier to remember than passwords but are more challenging to crack.  
Password Requirements
  • The password must be AT LEAST 8 characters long but LESS than 64.
  • Your password can NOT include your USER ID, FIRST, or LAST NAME.
Passwords Must Include:
  • One or more upper-case letters
  • One or more lowercase letters
  • One or more numbers
  • One or more of the following special characters
    • !   _   -   {   }   [   ]   /   .   ? 
Good Passphrase Examples:
  • "Pass Go and collect $200" - pa??GOandCLCt-200
  • "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall" - humTdumt?/sat0nAwa11
  • "It is raining cats and dogs!" - 1tsrAIn1NGcts_DGS!
  • Sport Scores - WorldChampions1967-GBP
  • Bengal Pride - R0ar3engalsroar-no.1
Remember, the goal is to create a password that you can remember but is hard for someone else to guess.  These rules and recommendations help keep your data safe and secure.


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