Finance Information Access

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You will work closely with the Finance and Administration office if you are involved in budget monitoring and management, payment and collection of student fees, and other business services. 
  • Where do I find financial services?
  • How do I access financial information?
  • Platform
    • MyISU
  • Audience Affected
    • Staff
The Finance and Business Affairs website provides lots of information and guidelines.  In addition, MyISU gives you access to the tools and documents to perform your duties, whether as a financial technician, management assistant, or fund manager. 
Financial Services Assistance
  • You will not see the Finance or Purchasing links in MyISU if you do not access Finance information. 
  • To request access, use this TigerTracks system. Be sure to list the Indexes you wish to access in your request. 
  • All requests are vetted before a determination is made regarding access. Only those with a legitimate business reason for needing access will be granted.
How to Access Finance Information
  1. Log in to MyISU
  2. Click on the Finance link on the far left to see the array of Finance tools.  


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