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Textbooks and course materials can be found in the Barnes and Noble College Textbook List; here, you will find all required and recommended materials for that section of the course. Materials can include textbooks, ebooks, online resources, and other products. Details about the book, such as title, ISBN, edition, and publisher, are provided to assist students in purchasing books from different sellers.
  • Where do I find textbooks?
  • How do I order books?
  • What do I need for class?
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Buy Books
  1. Go to MyISU.
  2. Select Academic Tools (left).
  3. Go to Registration Tools (right).
  4. Select My Registration and Schedule Information (My Profile).
  5. Select Buy Books (left).
  6. Select the desired format of the materials, and click ADD TO CART.
  7. Click Cart (top right).
  8. Click Proceed to Checkout, and follow the instructions to pay for your materials.
Note: Please check with your instructor for specific details.
For Additional Assistance, Contact:
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(208) 282-3239
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