Personal Information Self Service

Issue / Question
How to update your personal information using the Personal Information Self-Service in MyISU. 
  • How do I update my preferred name in MyISU?
  • How do I change the email address for ISU?
  • How do I change my address for ISU?
  • Where do I change my personal information?
  • Platform
    • MyISU
  • Audience Affected
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Students
  1. Log into MyISU with your ISU Username and Password
  2. Approve Login using the DUO mobile app or hardware token
  3. Navigate to the Main Menu (left)
  4. Click the  Work Category
  5. Locate the Time Entry and Employment Details Card
  6. Click Personal Information Dashboard
  7. Click the Pencil (right side) to edit information or to Add New details to a section.
    • Note: You can delete information by clicking on the Trashcan icon.
  8. Click Add or Update to complete your changes
  9. Click the X (right side) to exit the update page


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