Changing Your Security Questions

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If you locked yourself out of your account and tried to use the security questions to reset, but failed, make sure to change them after contacting the service desk.
  • Where do I change my security questions?
  • How do I change my security questions in Fischer?
  • Platform
    • Fischer
    • IAM
  • Audience Affected
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Students
  1. Log into MyISU.  On the Home page, go to the Manage ISU User Account box (upper right) and click on Password and Account Management Portal
  2. Type your ISU Username and click NEXT
  3. Type your Password
    • The password is the same one you use to access all of your ISU accounts. 
  4. At the top left, click on My Profile, then in the tabs underneath, choose Set Up Security QuestionsMy profile and Set up Security Questions
  5. For each question, either change your answer to the current question by typing in a new answer, or select the pencil button to the left of the question to get a drop-down menu of available questions. Choose one, type in your answer, and then retype the answer in the next box. 
Highlight of pencil icon, allowing user to select a different security question.
Highlight of question option
At the bottom, there are four buttons.
  • Reset Answers will reset all the questions and answers to how they were before editing.
  • Save will save the questions and answers you just entered. 
  • Clear All will clear all the answers, but not change the questions.
  • Show Answers will reveal all of the answers, so you can see if they match.
  1. Click Save when the security questions and answers are how you would like them.
  • If the answers to your question do not match, an Attention window will pop up.  Click Close.
  • A red X will appear next to the questions whose answers did not match.
  • Type your answers in again, then click Save again.
  • If all answers are filled in and are correct, this pop up will appear when the change is completed.
Attentions: security questions and answers saved successfully
  1. Click Close. You will remain on the same page, but your new questions and answers will have been changed.


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