Single Sign-On Now Available

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The message announcing single sign-on availability. 
  • What is single sign-on?
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    • Moodle
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The Idaho State University (ISU) Information Technology Services Department is excited to announce the new single sign-on features for many information technologies (IT) systems. While this project still needs to be completed, enough features are in place to enable users to enjoy the benefits of single sign-on.

When ISU switched to a new Identity Management (IDM) program a couple of years ago, the long-term goal was to move all of ISU’s IT systems into the new IDM program, both to improve security and to enact single sign-on at ISU. Single sign-on (SSO) means that users sign in once and can access additional IT systems without logging in multiple times. We are now far enough along in this project to make SSO available for ISU users.

In the past, if you logged into MyISU, for example, and then tried to access Moodle, you would be asked to log in again. With SSO in place, you can log in to MyISU through the ISU SSO option, and you will not be asked to log in again to Moodle when you click on it. Instead, it will automatically open. 

This SSO option applies to many of ISU’s IT systems, including Talent Management, Moodle, Housing, Parking, Handshake, BOSS, Recruit, Box, Navigate, Barnes and Noble bookstore, and Quotly. Although SSO does not currently cover all IT systems, plans are in place to bring many more under the SSO umbrella.


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