Installing Evisions Application Launcher in Argos

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Evisions has updated the application launcher switching from Java to Microsoft .NET Framework. The Evisions client applications can now be launched from any web browser on a PC including Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. 
  • How do I install Evisions? 
  • Can I install Evisions in Argos?
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    • Argos
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Note: If your computer does not have Microsoft .NET Framework installed you will be prompted to install it.
To Install the Evisions Application Launcher
  1. Go to Banner
  2. Select the Multiple Application Platform Server (MAPS) link under the Supplemental Systems heading.  You can also get to the eLauncher directly at eLauncher
  3. Type your username and password
  4. Type the Sign In button
  5. Click the “Download & install the Evisions Application Launcher” link
  6. Select save and run the setup.exe file
  7. Select the Next button once the setup program comes up
  8. Select the I accept the agreement radio button and then click on the Next button
  9. Select the Install button
  10. Select the Finish button
  11. Select the Argos button again
  12. On the Launch Application window: Select the Evisions Application Launcher application, then check the Remember my choice for evision-launch links checkbox, and finally click on the Open link button.  In a moment the Argos application will load
Note: Other web browsers have slightly different prompts

Please call (208) 282-HELP(4357) or chat with the IT Service Desk for assistance.


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