File Resource [Faculty]


A variety of file types can be upload to a Moodle ISU course. Common file types include: .doc, .pptx, .mp4, and .pdf. 

[Warning: large media files (i.e. audio / video files, may need to be added to sites like Google Drive or Youtube then linked to the Moodle ISU course page.]

This Guide Will Help You to:

  • Add a file to your course

  • Modify the edit settings

  • Seek further assistance

Add a new file resource

  1. Turn editing on.

  2. Locate the week or section in which you wish to add the new resource

  3. Click Add an activity or resource

  4. Select File

  5. Click Add

[Note: With editing turned on, you have the option to drag a file on the desktop and drop it into the Moodle ISU course]

For more information see, Adding a Resource in Moodle ISU [Faculty]

Modify the edit settings


  1. In the Name field, Type a name for the file. (This field is required)

  2. In the Description box, Type any instructions or reminders for your students

  3. If you would like this description displayed on the course page, Check the Display description on the course page 

  4. In the Select files file picker, select add... (This field is required)


[Note: Or you have the option to drag a file on the desktop and drop it into the filepicker]

  1. Select Upload a file option


  1. Click Choose File

  2. Locate the file on your computer.

  3. Select the file you wish to upload.

  4. Click Open. The file should now show in the attachment text box.


  1. If you choose to enter a name in the Save as text box, it will only rename the file for Moodle ISU. This is an optional feature and not required for the upload.

  2. Click Upload this file.

For more information see, File picker.


  • Select from the Display dropdown menu how the file will be displayed

    • Automatic - select the best display option based on the file type.

    • Embed - displays the file within the webpage with the name and description (if checked).

    • Force download - automatically downloads the file.

    • Open - displays the description with a link to the file in the browser window.

    • In pop-up - displays the file in a pop-up window. This option is advised if uploading a video.

  • Show size - displays the file size.

  • Show type - displays the type of the file, such as ‘Word document’.

  • Show upload/modified date - displays the upload/modified date.

  • Display resource description -  shows the description of the resource if the file is embedded. The box must be checked.

Common module settings

Choose whether to show or hide the file

For more information see, Common module settings

Restrict access

For more information see, Restrict access

Activity completion

For more information see, Activity completion

Save settings

  • Click Save and display to go to the assignment.

  • Click Save and return to the course to be taken back to the course homepage.

  • Click Cancel to undo changes.

Seek Further Assistance

For additional assistance please contact, ITRC at (208) 282 5880 or

For more information please visit,

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