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Information on types and details of finance reports in Argos. 
  • What finance reports are in Argos?
  • What do the different Argos finance reports do? 
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Accounting Activity_by_Index 
Contains complete information on account activities, including monthly transactions. Accounting Activity_ Download downloads all account information in CSV format for Excel use.  The Interactive (cube) option is tricky but full of useful info--we recommend you attend Account Director training for instruction.  Call Marjanna Hulet at x2598 for training times. 
Additional optional available within the Accounting Activity_by_Index: Index (fund/org) Security View 
Cash Balance by Fund
Shows beginning balance, Year-to-Date expenses and revenue, and total for local accounts.  This information is not included in Accounting Activity Interactive Cube balances so must be looked up here for accurate info.
P-Card History Lookup
Shows historical (not current month) P-Card transactions for quick analysis.  Only shows transactions from 2/8/2011 forward.
Grant Bill & Payment
Contains inception to date billing and payments received for grants.  Results can be viewed in a QuickView, Banded, or Cube format.
Grant Budget Status
Shows grant budget, current activity, inception to date activity, commitments, and remaining balance.
Grant View 
Lists grant budget information, including beginning budget, account activity, encumbrances, reservations, and remaining balance.  Data is cumulative going back to July 2009. To learn more about this report, go to the Grant Report Handout.
Open PO Report 
Shows open purchase orders arranged by fiscal year for the Index Codes you have clearance to view. The Open PO Report Instructions provides more information about how to use this report. 
Fixed Assets Lookup
Shows all the fixed assets associated with an Index, including complete information about when the asset was acquired, its depreciation life, and location.  Also allows users to enter a tracking number off an item to help determine who owns the item.

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