Online Proctoring using Examity

Online proctoring"' allows a student to take an exam at home or work. In most cases, students will be required to have a web camera and a microphone to connect live with a proctor. Students will need to share their computer screen and show a current photo ID. The online proctor will observe the student and their computer screen during the exam and report any discrepancies. Currently, a Live Proctoring Service is available for those teaching eISU courses.

Faculty Resources

eISU faculty can request to have proctoring tools and resources added to their Moodle ISU course by filling out the Request Online Proctoring for an eISU Course form.

Online Proctoring Quick Start Guide for Faculty: includes links to training to help with the process of adding and scheduling exams.

Proctoring Training Events

Student Resources

Online Proctoring Quick Start Guide for Students: includes links to training to help students schedule their time to take the exam and connect to the online proctor.

Examity®: The Premier Online Proctoring Solution: Examity® is the ideal solution for traditional classroom-based institutions, as well as online-based programs. Cost effective, flexible, and totally customizable, Examity® is the most sophisticated remote proctoring solution available.

FairExamⓇ Levels

A few authentication and proctoring modes you need to keep in mind when scheduling an online exam:


  • Level AA: Auto-Authentication - Test-takers snap pictures of their ID and face, answer challenge questions and enter a biometric keystroke signature to verify identity.

  • Level LA: Live Authentication - Test-takers agree to exam rules, room scan, answer challenge questions, verifications, facial comparisons, keystroke analysis. This level is the most reliable authentication.


  • Level 1: Auto-Proctoring - After auto-authentication is complete, Examity® captures audio, motion, and systemic changes to identify inappropriate behaviors.

  • Level 2: Record and Review proctoring - After live-authentication, each test is recorded from start to finish and is later viewed by a human, in its entirety, to ensure that no rules have been violated.

  • Level 3: Live Proctoring - After live-authentication, Examity® monitors the test-taker’s surroundings and entire desktop throughout the exam.

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