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To call anyone off campus, dial 8 (to get an outside line) plus the number you would normally dial.  On-campus calling does not require you to dial an 8 first; just dial the extension you wish to reach  

  • How do I call someone off campus?
  • How do I reach someone from off campus?
  • Can I call off campus from a campus phone?
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  • On-Campus:  <4 digit extension number>
  • Off-campus Local:  8+208+<number>
  • Off-Campus Long Distance:  8+1+<area code>+ <number>
  • International:  8+<country code>+<number>

You will need to dial a 1 if you are making a long distance call outside the Southeast Idaho calling area.  The SE Idaho calling area includes:  American Falls, Arbon, Arco, Ashton, Bancroft, Blackfoot, Dayton, Downey, Driggs, Felt, Firth, Franklin, Grace, Grays Lake, Holbrook, Howe, Idaho Falls, Inkom, Irwin, Island Park, Lava Hot Springs, Lewisville, Mackay, Malad, McCammon, Menan, Montpelier, Moore, Paris, Pocatello, Preston, Rexbug, Rigby, Ririe, Riverside, Roberts, Rockland, St. Anthony, Shelley, Soda Springs, Tetonia, Thatcher, Victor, and Wayan.  

  • To Dial Pocatello and Idaho Falls On-Campus numbers from the Southeast Idaho Calling Area, dial 208+282+<four digit extension>
  • To Dial Meridian On-Campus numbers from off-campus in the Boise local calling area, dial 208+373+<four digit extension>


Dialing 911 does not require you to dial an 8 first. 
Other common numbers 
  • Idaho Road report:  8+511
  • Idaho Relay Service:  8+711
  • Idaho Dig Line:  8+811
  • Idaho Care Line:  8+211
  • Directory Assistance:  8+411

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services - Client Experience & Solutions Group at (208) 282-4357 or through chat


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