Can I keep my ISU email?

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Can I keep my ISU email?


Students, Faculty, and Staff will retain their ISU Gmail account so long as they have one of the following statuses:

Active: Currently registered, or employed at Idaho State University

Students eligible to register: Have attended recently enough that they don't need to reapply

Alumni: Has completed 24 credit hours or more at Idaho State University.

Retirees: Including Emeritus


Historically we have told clients that they would have access to their ISU Gmail for life. These adjustments are the result of a review that included security and audit concerns. With this change, most, but not all, individuals will retain ISU Gmail accounts, as long as they are actively being used.

For Faculty and Staff leaving ISU that do not fall into the above categories, their ISU Gmail accounts will be disabled 35 days after their last day of work.

For a Students, who is no longer eligible to register, typically 8 semesters after the last class taken, their ISU Gmail accounts will be disabled.

In certain cases, ISU Gmail accounts may be disabled sooner, for example, in the event of involuntary termination, or in cases when the ISU Gmail account is critical to a department’s communication function. If the latter and the individual is eligible to retain an ISU Gmail account, a replacement ISU Gmail account will be provided.

University Vice-Presidents have the authority to approve on a case by case basis former employees keeping their email accounts if it suits the needs of the University. If a VP requests that a client continue have access then access will be granted and the VP will be responsible for the account.

These adjustments help provide a more consistent and secure email environment for all faculty, staff, and students at ISU.

Note: That these adjustments also apply to other Google Suite you might be using attached to your ISU account such as calendar or drive.

For additional assistance, please contact Information Technology Services - Client Experience & Solutions Group (208) 282-4357 or through  chat


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