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Students who stop attending a course should be given an X grade.
  • What does an X grade mean?
  • How do you input an X grade?
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    • BengalWeb
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If you elect to give a grade of “X” (Stopped Attending) to a student, you will be required to enter a Last Attend Date.
  1. Access the course roster by following the directions in the Faculty Grade Entry article.
  2. Under the grade drop-down menu, select "X".
  3. In the same row, put the Last Attend Date.
    • Note: This field only needs to be completed for students with a grade of “X”. Please do NOT enter a Last Attend Date for normal letter grades! 
  4. If you attempt to save an “X” grade without entering a Last Attend Date, a warning will pop up in the top right corner of the screen.

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