Scanning Documents using Computer Lab Scanners

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Some of the ISU computer labs have scanners available for campus use.  To use a scanner station please follow these instructions.   
Scanning Documents
  1. Log into the computer scanner stations using your ISU username and password.
  2. Turn on the scanner.
  3. Double-click the HP Scanner icon.
    • A customizable scanning screen will pop up.
  4. Choose the settings that best apply to your document. 
  5. To scan using the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), place the scanning document into the feeder (face up with words pointing towards rollers
  6. Click Scan. The document will feed into the scanner.
  7. To scan using the flat glass on top of the scanner, lift the ADF and lay the document on the glass (wording face down). 
  8. Align the top right corner of the document with the top right corner of the glass flatbed.
  9. Click Scan.  
  10. Once your document is scanned, you can edit it on the computer screen.
  11. Press Save, choose a destination to save to, and name the document.


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