Forwarding the Project Request for Evaluation

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Forwarding a project request to be evaluated and approved or reject by Team Leads and supervisors. 
  • How do I forward projects?
  • How do I send projects to be evaluated?
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    • TDNext
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Forwarding a Project Request
When a project request is in workflow, it is possible to forward the request to another user for evaluation.
  • Select the Actions button on the project request
  • Select the Forward Request option. 
    • Note: You must be responsible for the current workflow step or have the permission Always Edit Requests in order to take action on a project request and the recipient must have the Portfolio Planning application to receive the forwarded request.
Once you select the Forward Request option on a project request, you will be able to select a user to receive the forwarded request. You will be able to select any user that has the Portfolio Planning application. The user that receives the forwarded request will get a notification and can also view the request within the Pending My Approval view of the Portfolio Planning application.
Forward a project request for review outside of the current workflow step responsibility
  1. Enter the Portfolio Planning Application
  2. Click the Project Requests link, change the filtering criteria as necessary to include submitted requests
  3. Run the report
  4. Select the project request you wish to forward for evaluation
  5. Click the "Actions" button
  6. Select the "Forward Request" option
  7. Select a user to forward the request to
    • Note: Requests can only be forwarded to other Portfolio Planning users for review. The intent of this functionality is to allow other Enterprise-licensed Portfolio Planning users to review requests whose workflows normally do not include.
  8. Type a comment
  9. Click the "Save" button
Evaluating the Request
Once the recipient has received the request to review, they can edit the project request.   To edit a project request, the user must:
  1. Enter the Portfolio Planning application
  2. Go to Project Requests, change the filtering criteria as necessary to include submitted requests 
  3. Run the report
  4. Select the project request you wish to evaluate
Modifying Initial Intake Information
Once a project request has been submitted, sections that have information input by the submitter will have a check mark to the left of the indicating that it has been completed. 
To change information in complete sections you will need to click on the section. For example General or Files.
  1. Un-check the red circle button in the top right to make revisions
  2. When you are satisfied with your changes, there are 2 ways to save your changes
    1. Click "Mark Complete"
    2. Click "Save
Cursory Review
  • Systems Affected:  Click on the plus button for a list of systems.  If the system is not listed, select other and list in the comment field.
  • Expenses:  Click on the edit link for the appropriate expense type. 
    • Project Labor:  Enter the year and the estimated number of hours in the quantity block.
    • Project Non-Labor:  List any major equipment or consultant costs.    
  • Role Forecasts:  Click the green plus button.
  • To generate a resource forecast:  
    • Enter the total number of hours
    • Enter a start and end date
    • Choose a functional role
    • Click the "Generate" button
    • Search for the forecast
  • Stakeholders:  Add individuals that you will be working with to define scope of work.
  • Risks Register:  List any known risks 
  • The recipient of the forwarded request will be able to evaluate the request and then select Actions > Evaluation Complete.
Note: An evaluation does not progress the request through the workflow. It still remains at the current step. It is also important to note that if the request is forwarded and the workflow step is approved or rejected, the request will no longer remain forwarded.

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