Computer Lab Promotional Wallpaper

How to Request

Click the submit wallpaper ad button to the right of this document.

Service Description

This service allows approved ISU related content to be promoted in the ITS computer labs as a 16:9 wallpaper image. The image will be loaded during the regularly scheduled maintenance and be deleted on the day after the event or a date specified by you.

Standard Features

By default the images supplied by you will be loaded onto the computers in the following locations:

  • Pocatello ITS computer labs and kiosks.
  • Idaho Falls ITS computer labs and kiosks.
  • Meridian ITS computer labs.

Optional Features

Arrangements can be made to host specific content for each ISU location in order to target that specific demographic. For example, promoting an event that is only available in Meridian can be configured to only appear on the Meridian campus.

Roles and Responsibilities

User Responsibilities

The user will:

  • Adhere to laws regarding copyright, trademarks and digital marketing as well as Idaho State Universities policies.
  • Try to provide content that adheres to general graphical design standards of readability and are pleasing to the eye.
  • Provide the content as a .jpg file with enough resolution to be used as a wallpaper background without becoming "fuzzy".

The optimal promotional content includes:

  • The promotional material as a .jpg file with a 16:9 ratio
  • A text safe margin around the sides of the image to assure readability over a variety of monitors. The margin on the left side of the image should be at least 20% of the image to allow for the application icons that reside there.
  • Concise text for ease of reading during the limited display time.
  • Color harmony or combining colors in a fashion that is harmonious to the eye and avoiding colors that clash. 
  • Doesn't contain trademarked or copyrighted images which would be unlawful to use.

         Diagram of safe text area in relation to screen size leaving a 20% padding on the left hand side.

Service Provider Responsibilities

The image development team will:

  • Upload the images after the approval process to a test environment to assure readability and will notify you of any problems or concerns.
  • After testing the images, they will be loaded to the production environment during the next scheduled maintenance period.
  • Will automatically remove the images the day after the event unless an alternative time is specified by you.

Service Audience

ISU departments, student clubs and organizations, and ISU sponsored events.

Service Pricing

No additional charge.

Institutional Policies

Identification Standards and Style Guide