Preventing Zoom Bombing

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Zoom bombing is when an uninvited attendee joins your meeting and attempts to cause disruption. Below are some basic tips to avoid a Zoom bomber. 

Zoom Through Moodle

To make Zoom meetings secure, create your scheduled Zoom meeting inside of Moodle ISU. Only students in the course can access the meeting, unless you share the meeting link with individuals outside of Moodle ISU.

Require a Password

When you set up the Zoom session, check the box that requires a meeting password to join.  You'll still share the link with your class, but you will also share the password, usually in a separate email.  The students then click the link and enter the password to join the Zoom session. 

Waiting Room

When you set up the Zoom session, enable the Waiting room feature so that you can monitor who is allowed to join a meeting. Here is a video on how to enable this feature. 

Manage Participants

If you DO have someone you need to remove from the meeting, open the “Manage Participants” Tab, hover over the participants’ name and select “More.” From there you can select “Remove.”

Remove Rejoin

Go to Settings and scroll down to Allow removed participants to rejoin, then make sure it is OFF (not blue).  Note that participants that you remove during the current session will be able to rejoin a future session.

Lock Meeting

As the host you can lock the meeting once all of your participants are in. In the Participants tab click on the More option, then select Lock Meeting. This will block any unwanted participants. 

For additional security options, please visit Zoom Security page. Or for information about adjusting settings on your Zoom account, visit Account Settings page




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