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DocuSign is an easy-to-use digital transaction platform that allows users to send, sign, and manage legally binding documents securely in the cloud. All faculty and staff will be able to use DocuSign for university business. Students will not be allowed to have a DocuSign account.
  • What is DocuSign?
  • Who can use DocuSign?
  • How do I use DocuSign?
  • Platform
    • DocuSign
  • Audience Affected
    • Faculty 
    • Staff
DocuSign Access
Colleges and Departments will be given a DocuSign sub-account within the ISU Organization Account. To understand, think of the ISU Organization Account as a filing cabinet. Your College or Department will be given an account or a drawer in the filing cabinet. Each account must have an administrator from that area who will take the training, set up the account, assign users, roles, and groups, and provide training to their areas. Only those assigned to a specific account (drawer) can manage the documents in that account. Those outside the drawer will be able to fill out and sign documents shared with them by a college or department.  The login page for DocuSign is

Roles in DocuSign:
Each role requires different access to DocuSign.  Once your administrator has been assigned to your account, they will create and assign roles to individuals.
  • DS Viewer can sign documents, create and save signatures, and track the routing status or workflow in which they are identified as recipients.  They cannot send envelopes.
  • DS Sender can send envelopes to others and have the ability to change routing for subsequent recipients for a given envelope.  They can also use templates and PowerForms.
  • DS Admin can create forms, add and remove users, and have the same access as senders and signers.

DocuSign Account Request
  1. Go to the DocuSign Departmental Request. If your College or Department has a need for DocuSign
    • Note: The following information is needed to request DocuSign
      • College or Department requesting DocuSign Account
      • Name of Administrator to be assigned to DocuSign account
      • Email of assigned Administrator
      • Contact phone # of the assigned Administrator

ISU DocuSign Administrator Training

Additional DocuSign Resources
DocuSign offers additional resources on its website to assist users with their services.
Recordings from DocuSign Onboarding Sessions:

Please get in touch with the IT Service Desk for additional assistance.
 (208) 282-4357 or Go to chat


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