[ProjectLibre] Installation and use on MAC/Windows 10

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ProjectLibre is both a Cloud and desktop open source replacement for Microsoft Project. ProjectLibre is a project management software.
  • How do I install ProjectLibre?
  • Can I install ProjectLibre?
  • Where do install ProjectLibre from?
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    • ProjectLibre
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    • Faculty
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Note: This is a free and open source program available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
Installing on Windows 10
  1. Download the program
  2. Open the download once it is finished
  3. Select accept on the security pop-up
  4. Select Install
Installing on MacOS
Note: This program does not have a certificate from Apple and is seen a 3rd party program. There is a few extra steps to install
  1. Go to ProjectLibre  
  2. Download the program
  3. Open your security and privacy settings
  4. Select the lock
  5. Type your devices login credentials
  6. Go to General tab
  7. Select allow apps downloaded from: App Store and identified developers
  8. Open the download once it is finished
  9. If it comes back with an error that the developer will not allow install:
    1. Return to Security and Privacy Settings
    2. Type the devices credentials
    3. Go to the General tab
    4. Click the button that says "Open Anyway" to the right of the selected App Store and identified developers
  10. The program should then be successfully installed and open
Note: If macOS blocks the installation attempt return to the security and privacy terminal and it should have a new message under "Allow apps downloaded from:"
Using ProjectLibre
Here is a few instructional videos provided by the makers of the program

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