Quiz Question Creation Activity [Students]


Participants with the Quiz Question Creator role can create quiz questions for specific quizzes. 

This Guide Will Help You to:

  • Create quiz questions in Moodle ISU.

  • Seek further assistance

Create quiz questions in Moodle ISU.

  1. On the course page, select the desired Quiz with Quiz Question Creator role. 

  2. Click Question bank.

  3. In the Question bank page, click Create a new question.

  4. Choose from the list of question types (link to additional information included):

While the question types vary, there is a common process during setup.

  1. Question Name - this is an arbitrary name that is used for organizational purposes. Instructors and other Question Creators will see this. Avoid including the correct answer in the question name. 

  2. Question text -  This is the question or statement that is being asked.

  3. Answers - This will vary depending on the question type; the important part is to identify correct/incorrect answers.

  4. General Feedback - This will vary depending on the question type; It’s recommended to include the name of the textbook and page number or link to online resources. This will help instructors check the question's accuracy and potentially help other students with the content.  

Seek Further Assistance

For additional assistance please contact your instructor.

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