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Some services and applications need to have the IP address of the computer that is being accessed.
  • What is the IP address of the computer I am trying to connect to via VPN?
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An Internet Protocol (IP) address is an identifier for a computer or device on a network. The format of an IP address is written as numbers separated by periods. Depending on the location, your campus IP address would be " or "" Your computer must be online to obtain an IP address.
  • Note:  Most ISU addresses will start with
Find your IP Address
  • From a Web Browser
    • Open a Web Browser of choice
    • Type "what's my IP" in the search box
      • Note: The IP address of the computer you are on will be displayed
  • Windows
    • Click the  Start Menu (bottom left corner)
    • Type cmd in the search box
    • Click Command Prompt
    • Type ipconfig and press enter
    • Find the IPv4 line to locate the IP address
  • MacOS
    • Click the  Apple icon (top left corner)
    • Select System Preferences
    • Click Network
    • Select Ethernet network
    • Click Advanced
    • Click on the TCP/IP tab
    • Find the IPv4 line to locate the IP address.
Note: To find the MAC address of a workstation, use the following article How to Find a MAC Address


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