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An introduction to MyISU, one of Idaho State University's primary student/staff resources.
  • What is MyISU?
  • How do I navigate MyISU?
  • What's available in MyISU?
  • Platform
    • MyISU
  • Audience Affected
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Students
The MyISU portal serves the ISU community and is a one-stop shop for all of our electronic resources.
  • MyISU is personalized — whether you're a student, faculty member, or employee, you'll get information and services designed specifically for you.
  • MyISU is flexible — it works on whatever computer or smart device you own.
  • MyISU is customizable — you can add/move/remove cards from your home screen with a click of a button.

The Home Screen -  is the main customizable page when logging into the MyISU Portal
  • You can add cards on your homepage by clicking the bookmark (The bookmark will be shaded and instantly saved to your homepage) 
  • You can remove cards from your homepage by clicking the bookmark (The bookmark will be outlined and instantly removed from your homepage)
  • You can move cards by dragging and dropping them at your selected location
  • Click the MyISU logo (top left) provides a hotkey to return to your home screen 
  • Click the arrow at the bottom of the page, which will take you back to the top
  • The School ID provided in your profile is not your Bengal ID
    • How to view your Bengal ID
      1. Navigate to the Main Menu
      2. Click the My Account category
      3. Scroll to the ISU ID & Account Management card 
      4. Click ISU ID (also known as Bengal ID)

The  Main Menu (top left) contains links to the following popular services.  
  • Discover - Opens the main navigation tool to search all cards available in the MyISU portal
    • Type a Keyword in the Find cards search area or click/unclick the buttons to narrow your search
  • Category - Clicking a category refines the result to a particular set of search indexes
    • Work
    • My Account 
    • Finance 
    • Campus Life
    • Academics
  • Resources - Links to the most used sites 
    • Moodle ISU
    • ISU Gmail
    • ISU Calendar
    • TigerTracks
    • PawPrint
    • ISU Directory

Idaho State University (ISU) is transitioning from BengalWeb to MyISU and introducing a new, personalized MyISU Portal. For more information about the new portal, please visit the MyISU Information page. Need help? Contact the IT Service Desk at (208) 282-HELP (4357) or chat. 


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