Faculty Grade Entry

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How to enter term grades for academic faculty.
  • How do I enter grades? 
  • Where does the faculty enter grades?
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    • MyISU
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    • Faculty
Faculty Grade Entry
The Faculty Grade Entry tool in MyISU allows you to enter midterm or final grades quickly.    
Logging into the application:
  1. Go to MyISU
  2. Type your ISU Username (Ex: JohnSmith)
  3. Type your ISU Password 
  4. Click LOGIN
  5. Select Academics (left sidebar)
  6. Click on the link in Faculty Grade Entry
Navigating the application:
1.  Your courses will appear at the top of the screen. If submitting Midterm Grades, select that heading at the top left. The default is Final Grades.  
Note: By default, only ten courses are displayed. In the bottom right, you can navigate to the next page or change how many classes appear.  
2.  Click the Not Started button for the course you wish to grade.  A roster for that class will appear below the list of courses.
3.  The names of the first 25 students in your class will be displayed.  Navigate to the next page using the bottom right arrow key or change how many students are displayed.
4.  Hover your cursor on the student's name to see more information about them, including their picture.    
5. select the student and their grade from the dropdown menu to add a grade. Then, move on to the next student. 
  • Note: You can only change grades during the open grade window.  If the grading window has closed, you cannot change grades using this tool.
6. For Incomplete or X grades (only available for final grades), please click on these links for specific instructions.  
7.  If you are interrupted while entering grades, click the Save button (bottom right) to save the grades you have entered. 
  • Note: If the screen times out, and you have not saved the grades, they will be lost, and you will need to enter them again.  
8.  Students who have withdrawn from the course will remain on your roster, with the words Not Gradable on their roster line.  
9.  When you are finished entering grades, click Save (bottom right).  
10.  If you click Reset, a warning will appear (upper right). If you click Yes, all your unsaved changes will be cleared.  Click Cancel to return without deleting anything. 
11.  Refresh your screen, then look at the Grading Status column. This shows your progress towards submitting grades for all the students in your courses. 
12.  You can return and change the grading until the word Completed appears next to the course under the Grading Status heading. 
  • Note: You must contact the Registrar's office to change grades after they have rolled. 


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