Incomplete Grades

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An Incomplete Final Grade is entered for students who do not complete the remaining coursework within the time frame you and the student agreed upon.
  • What does having an Incomplete grade mean?
  • How do I give an incomplete grade?
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Entering Incomplete Grades
  1. Access the course roster by following the directions in the Faculty Grade Entry article.
  2. Under the grade drop-down menu, select "I"
  3. Enter the Incomplete Final Grade (the grade the student will receive if they do not complete the remaining coursework within the time frame you and the student agreed upon).
    • Another new tab will open, Extension Date.
  4. Set this for how long the student has to complete the remaining coursework. 
Note: The system will default to one year, but can be set to any date within the year time frame.
To return to the full list of students for the course, click on the Roster tab.
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