ITS Printing and Lab Procedures

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The ITS computer labs at Idaho State University aim to provide a conducive environment for students to work efficiently and collaboratively. As such, specific procedures have been approved and implemented. 
  • Platform
    • Computer Labs
    • PawPrint
  • Audience Affected
    • Faculty 
    • Staff
    • Students

To ensure a smooth and respectful experience for all lab users, the following policies have been implemented:

  • Color print jobs should not go over 25 pages. 
  • Regular print jobs should not be larger than 25 pages to avoid printer jams and to allow other students time to use the printers.
  • ISU Printers should not be used to print out documents unassociated with ISU. 
  • No illegal copying of ANY materials.
  • Anything posted in the labs needs to be approved by the lab manager. 
  • Lab users are responsible for any spills or messes if food and drink are allowed. 
  • No aggressive or disruptive behavior.


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