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The faculty and advisor menu link is located in MyISU.
  • What is in the Faculty and Advisors Menu link?
  • What can faculty and advisors do from this page? 
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    • MyISU
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The Faculty and Advisors  Menu takes you to a full course management and advising tool menu.  
Access the Faculty and Advisors Menu
  1. Log in to MyISU and click on Academics (left). 
  2. Go to either the Faculty Tools section or the Advisor Tools section (both on the right). 
  3. Click on the Faculty & Advisors Menu
  4. The Faculty and Advisors screen appears. All course management and advising tools available to faculty and advisors are displayed and arranged as below.  You will be asked to select a Term, CRN, or student ID for most options.
  • Syllabus Information: View or edit Syllabus information.  
  • Office Hours: View or edit Office Hours.
  • Faculty Detail Schedule: View your schedule, displaying detailed section information for the selected term. 
  • Week at a Glance: Your weekly class schedule by day and time for the selected term.
  • Student Search: Look up information on a specific student you advise.
  • Registration Overrides: Do overrides for students so they can register for the classes you teach. Find out more
  • Assignments/History: View your current section assignments (not yet rolled to Academic History) or Assignment History.
  • Class and Wait Lists:   Click on the course under Subject to view the Class list, with a separate tab for viewing the Wait List. Find out more
  • Advising Student Profile: Click to see profile information for the students you are assigned to advise.
  • Grade Entry: Go to the page to enter midterm or final grades.  Click for detailed instructions.
  • My Class List and Wait List: Click on the course under Subject to view the class list, with a separate tab for Viewing the Wait List. 
  • Advisee Information: Look up profile information about a selected student.   
Faculty or Advisors
  • Student Information: Look up information about a selected student.   
  • Registration History: This allows you to see a selected student's other classes.  
  • ISU Class Schedule:  Takes you to the Browse Classes search page after you select a term     
  • Browse Course Catalog: Displays details about individual courses that may appear in the Class Schedule. Does NOT contain the overall program information found in Academic Catalogs.


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