Chat Activity [Faculty]


The Moodle ISU chat tool allows you and your students to communicate synchronously using an instant messaging type format.  This tool is commonly used for creating virtual office hours or online chat class meetings.

This Guide Will Help You to:

  • Add a new chat activity 

  • Modify the Edit Settings

  • Use the chat activity

  • Using additional chat features

Add a new Chat activity

  1. Turn editing on.

  2. Locate the week or section in which you wish to add the new chat activity

  3. Click Add an activity or resource

  4. Select Chat

  5. Click Add

For more information see, Adding an Activity in Moodle ISU [Faculty]

Modify the edit settings


  1. In the Name of this chat room field, Type the name of the chat. This is what students will see on the course homepage.

  2. In the Description text field, Type any information about the chat.

  3. Check the box if you want the description to display on the course page.


Chat sessions

  • From the Next Chat Time dropdown menus, select the desired dates and times of the next chat session. 

[Note: changing the desired dates does not stop students from accessing the chat and posting]

  • Use the Repeat/publish session times dropdown menu to select how the chat activity will repeat/publish.

    • Don’t publish any chat times - The dates of the Next chat time setting will not be published to the Moodle ISU calendar.

    • No repeats – publish the specified time only -  Only the time specified in the Next chat time fields will be added to the calendar.

    • At the same time, every day - This will publish the designated chat time every day based on the time you selected for the Next chat time in the Moodle ISU calendar.

    • At the same time every week -  This will publish a chat time for the same day and time every week in the Moodle ISU calendar.

  • From the Save past sessions dropdown menu, select how long you would like to keep transcripts of this chat activity.

  • From the Everyone can view past sessions dropdown menu, Select if students can also view past sessions.

Common module settings

Choose whether to Show or Hide the activity

For more information see, Common module settings

Restrict access

For more information see, Restrict access

Activity completion

For more information see, Activity completion


For more information see, Using tags


For more information see, Competencies

Save settings

  • Click Save and display to go to the assignment.

  • Click Save and return to the course to be taken back to the course homepage.

  • Click Cancel to not save.

[Note: The new activity will always appear at the bottom of the list within the week/topic you have chosen.]

Using the chat activity

  1. Select the chat activity on your course homepage

  2. Choose either Click here to enter the chat now or Use a more accessible interface.

    1.  The first option will display a chat window: 

      1. see the participants on the left use the Talk to chat with a specific person or use the Beep to get the person's attention. 

      2.  At the bottom use the textbox to text and click send. 


[Note: You can change the theme of the chat window to bubble, compact, or course theme.]

  1. The second option will display a chat window: See the participants at the top, Use send messages textbox to enter text and click submit, to see new responses click the refresh button. 


[Note: This option is best for those using screen readers or has low Internet connectivity]

  1. To leave the chat, close the window. 

  2. View Past Chat Sessions - This allows you to view previous sessions as well as export past chat transcripts.


Using Additional Chat Features

  • Smileys - Any smiley faces (emoticons) that you can type elsewhere in Moodle ISU can also be typed in the chat and they will be displayed correctly.

    • For example, :-) =

  • Links - URLs will be turned into links automatically.

  • Emoting - You can start a line with "/me " to emote.

    • For example, if your name is Kim and you type "/me laughs!" then everyone will see "Kim laughs!"

  • Beeps - You can send a beep sound to other people by clicking the beep link next to their name.

    • A useful shortcut to beep all the people in the chat at once is to type beep all.

  • HTML - You can use HTML code in your text to do things like insert images, play sounds or format your text.

Seek Further Assistance

For additional assistance please contact, ITRC at (208) 282 5880 or

For more information please visit, Chat Activity


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