Quiz Activity 4.1: Interpreting Quiz Results [Faculty]


Once a student has completed a quiz and it has been graded, the instructor will be able to go into the reports to view the results of the quiz. Quiz grades can be viewed for the entire class or the instructor can look at them individually and make comments, or override a score.

This Guide Will Help You to:

  • View quiz attempts and results

  • Download and save reports

  • Quiz responses

  • Seek further assistance

View quiz attempts and results

The quiz attempts page will allow an instructor to track student progress, grades, and reports.

  1. Select the quiz you would like to view

  2. Click the Attempts link to view the quiz results


  1. From the Attempts from dropdown menu, Select the information you would like included.

    • enrolled users who have attempted the quiz

    • enrolled users who have not attempted the quiz

    • enrolled users who have, or have not, attempted the quiz

    • all users who have attempted the quiz


  1. You can also select to show attempts that are:

    • In progress

    • Overdue

    • Finished

    • Never submitted

  2. You may also select to show only attempts that have been regraded/are marked as needing regrading

  3. Under the Display options section:

    • You can change the page size

    • Select whether or not you would like to see points for each question

  4. Click Show report after choosing your options


[Note: Your report page will look similar to the one pictured below, with a table and a graph.  If you have questions regarding the information on this page, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email itrc@isu.edu]


At the bottom of the table, it will show the overall average and score based upon what you wanted included in the report.

The graph for the reports will show the graded score, the total points possible on the x- axis, and the number of students who received that score on the y-axis.


[Note: Another way to view the grades is by clicking on the quiz and then going to the Settings gear menu and selecting Grades to see attempts made by students in your class.]

Download and save reports

Quiz results can be downloaded and saved in a variety of formats including Excel spreadsheet format and Comma separated files. This is a useful function if you wish to use the data outside of Moodle. For example you may wish to maintain an archive of past results or you could use the data as part of a research project.

  1. Select the quiz from which you would like a report

  2. Click Attempts

  3. Select what to include in the report and the set the display options

  4. Click Show report

  5. From the Download table data as dropdown menu, select the type of file to which you would like your report downloaded

  6. Click Download


Quiz responses

Quiz responses will show the answer that the students chose instead of showing you the grade that the students received.

  1. Select the quiz that you would like to view

  2. In the Settings gear menu, click Responses


[Note: On this page, you will see a table that shows how the students did on the individual questions and which responses were right or wrong. Clicking the minus box at the top of the table will hide any of the columns (click the plus sign to reveal the column).]


Seek Further Assistance

For additional assistance please contact, ITRC at (208) 282 5880 or itrc@isu.edu

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