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Frequently asked questions about BDM. 
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BDM is unresponsive. Can this be fixed?
This typically occurs because some unknown process on the web server (banana01) has maxed out the CPU. This will typically clear on its own within 15 minutes. If it does not clear up that quickly, a restart of banana01 may be necessary (Hans Gunter or Paul Murray can do this)
I have created a batch with my name on it as I usually do, but then all the images I just processed in the last batch are still there. How do I only bring in the new images?
Occasionally, BDM does not clear out a batch after it is processed. Then, if you try to "create" a batch with the same name, it actually will open the old batch and let you append to it. You will need to exit out of BDM, and the administrator can delete the old batch if you are sure you are done with it (follow instructions under batch maintenance KB 56304)
Why can't I delete the last page in the batch?
If there are zero pages left in the batch, BDM doesn't know how to handle it and doesn't allow zero pages to exist in a batch. To delete the last page in a batch, the batch itself must be deleted by the administrator (follow instructions under batch maintenance KB 56304)
How can I move a document to another document number or ID?
These instructions are in the Quick Start guide you should have received electronically when you started scanning. Be aware that, to move a document, you must be allowed to delete documents from BDM as the document is copied to the new index and then deleted from the old one.
I followed the instructions to move or copy a document, but I can't find it to index it to the new values. Where did it go?
If you do not check the Index box when setting up a page or pages to move or copy, a batch is automatically created with your user name and the date and time of the batch creation. Go to Application List, click on the Application, and click on Manage Batches. You can open your batch from there and index as usual.
Why am I getting 'no documents found' when trying to look up documents from a Banner Navigator form? I know the documents are there.
  1. This is likely because of where you are on the form. Be sure to click on the next block and do your searches from there. To verify this is the case, look at the upper left-hand corner of the appxtender page. The application will most likely be b-g-id, or possibly b-r-id which contain no documents and are a default application for many forms in the key entry block.
  2. Another possible answer is that the document was indexed incorrectly. In that case, you may want to do a search in appxtender based on the date scanned if you know it.
  3. Banner Navigator is context-sensitive, meaning your search results could be different based on which field you are in. For instance, you may only see purchase order documents in the purchase order field on foidoch and only the invoice documents if you are in the index field on the same form.
  4. If you do not have document-level security to allow access to that document type, you can scan it in but cannot see it. This can also occur if you have one security group assigned that does NOT allow access to that document type and another that does. Sometimes, the group with less access takes precedence over the one with more access. In that case the least access group needs to be removed (make sure all necessary document types are still available under another group).
Why am I getting a message that my document is locked so I cannot save changes such as annotations or appended pages?
Someone else has the document open, OR the document was open in a previous session that did not end properly. Record the doc id from the message and have the administrator unlock the document. The administrator must log in to the BDM Admin page ( Then
  1. Expand Monitoring (on the left menu), then select Locked Documents 
  2.  Find the app ID (key1) and doc ID (key2) combination you need (you must know which app ID it is for the application) 
  3. Check the box next to that line, then click on the “UNLOCK” button at the bottom of the page to unlock selected documents.
Note: Depending on how many are open, you may have to scroll to the next page to find the correct document.
Why do I get a message that the application is locked/currently being edited when I try to import from the index image import wizard?
  1.  Make sure that you check under your options to allow document additions while importing. Otherwise, you cannot import documents if someone else is making document changes or importing a document.
  2. If that option is set, have the administrator clear the PID table. The administrator needs to log in to the BDM page ( Then
    1. Expand Monitoring (on the left menu), then select PID Table
    2. It will load up to 10 PIDs by default, but you can choose to list more.
    3. Select the PIDs you want to clear and click the “DELETE” button to clear them.
    4. Have the user try again.
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