Student Organizations and Club Email Accounts

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Information about student organization and club emails.
  • What are the requirements for a club email?
  • Who's in charge of club emails?
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    • Email
  • Audience Affected
    • Students
    • Club members
    • faculty
    • staff
ISU manages official Idaho State University Student Organization email accounts.
  • Organizations need to have email continuity from one semester to the next.
  • If email accounts were set up under an individual's name, the account would be deleted once the individual left ISU or become inaccessible to later student organization members if they could not locate the founding account member.
  • We encourage student organizations to work through the Student Leadership & Engagement Center rather than setting up accounts using non-ISU email addresses.
  • Student organization accounts are set up as delegated email accounts owned by ISU.
    • Note: For more information on delegated accounts, please see this link. 
  • Authorized members are set up as delegates who manage the actual email for that account.
  • The student org leadership should have an idea of what they want their club email and alias to be
    • Note: This information will need to be submitted along with the request for an email account.
  • The account names need to be approved before they can be implemented.

  1. The desired 4x4 is the account's username, which is changed to avoid conflict with existing org names.
  2. An alias can be up to 50 characters, letters, and numbers only, with no spaces or Caps.
  3. Short name description examples: "Alpha Kappa Psi,"  "Bengal Breeze,"  "Brony Club,"  "Chess Club,"  "Geospatial Club,"  "Hispanic Awareness Club,"  "ISU Iron Works,"  "Pre-Health Professions Club," etc.
  4. Responsible Party is the Club President's name and username.
  5. Membership usernames are the people who will compose and answer the org email.
  6. After you have gathered this information, contact:
    • Student Leadership & Engagement Center
    • Email:
    • Phone: (208) 282-3451
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