Parent Room Access

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The parent room is for providing a safe, welcoming place for parents to take infants and small children to feed them, change them, or for nursing mothers to pump milk.
  • What is the parent room?
  • Where is the parent room?
  • How can I access the parent room?
  • Location
    • Rendezvous building
  • Audience Affected
    • Students
    • Faculty
    • Staff
Accessing the Parent Room
  1. Students, faculty, and staff at ISU can gain access to parent rooms by having their Bengal Card activated to work in card readers located on the parent room door.
  2. Once activated, the card can be used to access the rooms on campus for one academic year.
  3. To activate the card, send an email with Name and Bengal ID# to:
    • Shirley Taysom - or Stephanie Richardson -
    • Note: Your card will be activated electronically.
  4. ISU visitors, or those who have not yet activated their Bengal ID, can access the parent rooms by obtaining a guest card.
  5. Guest card locations are listed on the door of the parent room. 
  6. The person issuing a card to the guest always needs to note the time the guest receives and returns the card. 
    • Note: Please give all guests the Parent Room Access Card.
How to Use the Card and Occupy the Room:
  1. Swipe​​​ the card through the reader on the left side of the door
    • Note: The light will turn green.
  2. Push the door firmly to open it
    • Note: The door handle will not turn.
  3. Face the door once in
  4. Press the button on the right to turn on the "In Use" sign and show occupancy
  5. Press the button after using the room to turn the sign-off
  6. Consultant: Update the check-in time document once the key card has been returned
  7. Record in the comment box if the person does not return the key and notify a supervisor immediately.
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