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Services or Offerings?
A Community course is for those who are not affiliated with ISU but still want a Moodle course.

Course Evaluations are created to evaluate the instruction of any given course within Moodle. This form is for Course Evaluation Coordinators. If you are not the Course Evaluation Coordinator - please contact your department.

The ITRC has equipment available for check out to support academic purposes at ISU.

Sign-up for a wide variety of workshops. Implement specific tools in Moodle, discuss concepts in course design, or learn other tools that assist in an online learning environment.

A Metacourse is when two or more Academic courses are combined into one.

Faculty can request to have their IVC Classroom sessions recorded to the Zoom Cloud and post their recordings to their Moodle Course. IVC Classes are not recorded by default and will need to be requested.

A Special course is a Non-Academic course that can be used for developing future courses or be a resource page for students or faculty.

Faculty can request to digitize VHS/DVD segments for Moodle ISU, or edit videos from Distance Learning class recordings.

The ISU Zoom Account allows faculty/staff to use web conferencing.