Special Course

How to Request

Click the Request Special Course to the right and fill out the form to request this service.

Service Description

Special Course

A Special Course is a Non-Academic course that can be used as a Development course or as a Miscellaneous course.

Development Course

Specifically a Development course, also know as a Sandbox course will never have students enrolled.  This course type is meant for collecting, developing, managing course material for a future course.

Miscellaneous Course

Miscellaneous courses have a wide variety of uses such as a resource page, club site, or course that is longer than the standard semester (truly up to the needs of the Faculty).

Standard Features

The requestor will receive an empty course which can be used to develop material for a future course or be used as a resource page.

Roles and Responsibilities

User Responsibilities

  • Provide information such as course information and purpose of course.
  • Use form to request one Special Course at a time.

Service Provider Responsibilities

  • A new special course is created.
  • Requestor is enrolled into course. 
  • Requestor is emailed when request is complete.

Service Audience

ISU Faculty and Staff.

Service Pricing

This service is free of charge.

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