How to Request

Click the Request Metacourse to the right and fill out the form to request this service.

Service Description

A metacourse combines several individual sections into one Moodle ISU course. This is helpful for cross listed courses, combined undergraduate/graduate course or an instructor teaching several sections of the exact same course.

Standard Features

  • The requestor will receive a new combined course which can be used as a single point of contact and instruction for members from several related courses.

Roles and Responsibilities

User Responsibilities:

  • Provide the list of courses, including section, that should be attached to the Metacourse.
  • Use form to request one Metacourse at a time.

Service Provider Responsibilities:

  • A new Metacourse will be created.
  • The Instructor and Students from course sections will be added to the Metacourse.

Service Audience

ISU Faculity and Staff

Service Pricing

This service is free of charge.

Request Metacourse


Service ID: 24222
Tue 11/7/17 5:53 PM
Fri 12/17/21 1:27 PM