Community Course

How to Request

Click the Request Community Course to the right and fill out the form to request this service.

Service Description

Please read the Service Sharing Protocol - Moodle ISU Public (SSP) document before requesting a course. If you have not previously used the Moodle ISU Community site (, you must either log in using your ISU email username and password  or create a Community account. Once your account has been created, we can create your course site and assign you to it.

Standard Features

  • The requestor will receive a new community course which can be use at the requesters discretion.

Roles and Responsibilities

User Responisibilities:

  • Read the Service Sharing Protocol document
  • Provice information using the form
  • Use form to request one course at a time

Service Provider Responsibilities:

  • New community course is created
  • Requestor is enrolled into new course
  • Requestor is emailed when service request is completed

Service Audience

ISU faculity, Staff, and Non-ISU Stakeholders

Service Pricing

This service is free of charge.

Request Community Course


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Tue 11/7/17 5:53 PM
Wed 12/15/21 4:18 PM