Computer Lab Assistance

How to Request
Click the Request Assistance button and fill out the form.
Warning: This form is not used to reserve a computer lab. Room reservations are handled by the Registrar's office.
Please email the Registrar's Office at to reserve a room for your event or class.
Service Description
Request assistance in an ISU Student Computing Lab, such as temporary access for non-ISU affiliated individuals during a conference or event, a consultant's assistance, or early access to a lab.  Only an administrative assistant or instructor can make this request.  Users cannot request their own temporary accounts.
Info: For single class period reservations (such as for a test or class workshop), the professor may request one class period per course to use temporary access. 
For full-semester classes scheduled in the lab, temporary access can be requested for the first week of classes.
Standard Features
The requester can request any or all of the following:
  • Temporary login accounts for users who do not have an ISU email account currently.
  • Assistance from a lab consultant during a test or event.
  • Early or after-hours access to a lab.
  • Other assistance related to ISU Computer Labs (you will be prompted to describe the help you need).
Roles and Responsibilities
User Responsibilities
  • Provide detailed information about the nature of their request and needs.
  • To fill out the request form as completely and accurately as possible.
  • To reserve the computer lab with the Registrar's office at 208-282-2661.
  • The requester will provide confirmation that their request has been received.
  • The requester will receive notification of any questions about the required assistance.
  • The requester will receive a notification when the request has been completed.
Service Audience
ISU Faculty or Staff who have scheduled an ISU Computer Lab for a class or event.  Students may not make these requests.
Service Pricing
This service is free of charge.
Request Assistance

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