Affiliation Agreement

Affiliation Agreements have moved to JAGGAER

The JAGGAER contracting system is now live. This software will streamline the contracting and Affiliation Agreement process. It will auto-fill any ISU AA templates, all while keeping the requesting department informed on which step the AA is at with the Review Rounds feature. JAGGAER also has a automatic email notification system that notifies the Facility contact, any reviewers--such as legal, signatory officials, and then finally notifies the requester with the fully executed document.

The JAGGAER system can be found at this LINK;

or on the ISU webpage under General Counsel>Contracts and Affiliation Agreements;

If you have any questions or comments regarding an agreement or this process, contact Jason Russell at or call (208) 282-5274.


Service Description

This is the process to use for submitting affiliation agreements to the Office of General Counsel (OGC) for legal review.

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • OGC will guide the agreements through the approval process, ensuring that each agreement complies with federal and state laws and University policy.  Agreements that do not comply with required laws or University policy cannot be executed.
  • OGC does not retain the completed/executed agreements with the exception of master agreements which include multiple programs. For access to view master agreements, contact Jason Russell at or call (208) 282-5274.
  • Programs have the responsibility to initiate agreements with outside clinical facilities and to comply with the requirements of each agreement. 
  • Programs have the responsibility to also track, store, and maintain their own affiliation agreements. 

Service Audience

Available to all Idaho State University programs and departments who participate in student and resident clinical internships/practicums.

Service Pricing

There is no charge for this service.

Institutional Policies

Relevant University policies regarding this service:

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