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Service Description

This is the process to be used to submit affiliation agreements for clinical or non-clinical departments at Idaho State University for the appropriate University official.

Standard Features 

  • General Counsel will guide the agreement through the approval process, ensuring that each agreement complies with federal and state laws and University policy.  Agreements that do not comply with required laws or University policy cannot be executed.
  • General Counsel will review and negotiate terms with the parties involved, and ensure the appropriate University approving signature is obtained.
  • General Counsel will retain a copy of each completed agreement in its contract system.

Roles and Responsibilities

When submitting an affiliation agreement, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Supply required information regarding external contact information and the start date of the student placement.
  • If you have difficulty uploading an agreement please contact the General Counsel's office.
  • Ensure there is an accompanying agreement for each request.  If you can provide a Word version of an agreement, it will help expedite the process.
  • When inquiring about the status of an agreement, please use the Contract Number, as we have multiple agreements under review at any time. 

General Counsel Affiliation Agreement Process:

  • Once the affiliation agreement is submitted, it is forwarded directly to the General Counsel agreement contract queue.
  • Affiliation agreements will be processed according to priority and the student placement start date.  Agreements may be received and not reviewed based on this criteria.
  • Each affiliation agreement will be assigned a status, which provides information to the submitting party.
  • When an agreement is initially received, it will automatically be assigned the status of "New".
  • When an agreement is being actively reviewed by General Counsel, the status will be changed to "In Process".
  • Additional statuses will reflect that the agreement is under review by the other party, or the agreement is approved and has been sent for signature.
  • If you have any questions regarding an agreement, please contact General Counsel through the TigerTracks system. If there is no repsonse within twenty-four hours, please contact the General Counsel office by phone at 3022 or 2683.

Service Audience

Available to all Idaho State University programs and departments.

Service Pricing

There is no charge for this service.

Institutional Policies

Relevant University policies regarding this service:

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