Duplicate Account Merge (PIDM)

How to Request

Click the Request Account Merge button.

Service Description

The Personal Identification Master (PIDM) is a unique internal ID number that Banner creates for each person in the data base. When a duplicate record is identified, this service request is used by Enterprise Applications to begin the merge / correction process. Each request and fix is unique.

Standard Features 

  • Analysis and correction of Banner data
  • Addition, deletion or merging data between 2 Banner IDs in a list
  • Results in 1 remaining Banner ID

Roles and Responsibilities

User Responsibilities

  • When identified, the user provides pertinent information related to the changes required
  • Obtain as much information as possible to make the record complete
  • Provide both SPRIDEN ID numbers
  • Recommended action, as appropriate

Service Provider Responsibilities

  • Enterprise Applications Administrator group will determine the best procedure for merging the records, which record will be maintained, and which record(s) will be marked as a multiple.
  • Timely resolution to avoid further activity on an incorrect Banner ID.

Service Audience

All data custodians or data stewards responsible for the overall quality of Banner data

Service Pricing

There is no charge for this service.

Key Words:  Data Records, Enterprise Applications, PIDM

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Service ID: 36395
Tue 6/4/19 10:30 AM
Fri 12/17/21 2:13 PM