Requesting GlobalProtect VPN Access

Requesting VPN access

  1. Click Request VPN to request Global Protect VPN.

Standard VPN Features

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network) accounts are needed for reaching specific applications from off-campus and for communicating with license servers host by ISU.

Resources that require VPN when off campus

  1. Applications:
    • Banner Administrative Forms
    • Argos reports
    • Institutional Research Internal Website
    • ePrint Finance Repository
    • CollegeNet
  2. Servers:
    • Encrypted machine validation to EPO servers
    • Authentication to Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office license servers
    • Remote desktop connections to servers or desktops

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. User Responsibilities:
    • Provide details related to the request including:
      • Contact information
      • How VPN access will be used
  2. Service Provider Responsibilities:
    • Add the necessary services to the user's account. 
    • Provide software and installation instructions via email.
    • Provide additional assistance installing and configuring the VPN software, if necessary.


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